Roza’s Gourmet is a Brisbane based, family run business that lovingly creates an extensive range of gourmet sauces and dips. Our range of gluten free gourmet products are available in premium boutique retailers Australia-wide.

From humble beginnings in the kitchen of her residence, Roza Robertson and her recipes pioneered the gourmet sauce industry in Queensland and established a bona fide Brisbane institution.

What began in 1991 as a simple way for the then-housewife to indulge her passion for cooking quickly became a burgeoning business, as an increasing customer base took pride in purchasing Roza’s Gourmet from the end of her driveway.

Over 25 years later, Roza’s philosophy that “the right sauce can turn any meal into a feast” has grown into small business success story, a testament to our fresh natural approach to food.

While Roza sadly passed away years ago, the company is run today by her devoted daughter Jasmin.

Under her direction, the company has grown to become a household name across the country and continues to expand while upholding Roza’s legacy and philosophies.